Why I’ll always tell my son he is beautiful

I tell my son he’s gorgeous every day. I tell him he’s beautiful every day. 

This may be controversial but even if he was a she I would be doing the same thing and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. 

I don’t believe in these scaremongering stories that if we tell our children they are pretty then they grow up believing in stereotypes and that looks are everything. Quite honestly I think this is a load of rubbish and children will only believe it if that is the example they are set. 

For the record, I also plan to teach my boy about diversity and variety. About tolerance and acceptance. And about how we are all made differently and why that’s ok and that beauty comes from both inside and out.

But for now, seeing as he is only four months old, just as you can never give a baby too much love, I believe it’s important to tell him he is gorgeous and perfect. I also tell him he’s funny every day. I tell him he’s kind and good every day. And I tell him he’s clever every day.

I want my boy to grow up with self confidence and self belief. I want him to know how precious his life is and to know how loved he is. My opinion is that he will only believe these things if I show him and instil them in him.

And so I tell him every day.


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