My independent baby

People say that newborns don’t have a personality yet and that it takes time for this to develop. In my (limited) experience though this is totally untrue.

There are certain traits my son has that I can trace all the way back to the days when he was in the womb, such as how the recommendation for drinking cold water to get him to move never worked, but give him a hot drink, bath or heater and he would have a little rave. Now on the outside world, this boy can’t stand to be cold (not too hot either, as we’ve discovered, but cold is a definite no-no).

From the moment my boy came out he looked the image of his Daddy. But his personality is 100% me. Which definitely means my husband and I are in for a tough time!

You see, this baby is already stubborn. He knows what he wants and if he doesn’t get it we certainly know about it. 

Take feeding, for instance. From two days old when we were desperately trying to feed via a cup, he had his hands right in there in a very clear “I want to do this myself” kind of way. He obviously couldn’t do it himself yet so it was always a bit of a battle to keep his hands still. And now that we are moving to bottles, his hands sit firmly on either side of the bottle (and he is far more content with this little snippet of independence than he ever was when he was totally reliant on me at the breast). I doubt we will be allowed to feed him at all by the time he moves to solids!

He is already very possessive over what is ‘his’. When I breastfeed his hands literally cover the sides of the breast as though to stop anyone else getting in and now he has started to grip things we have a hard time getting them off him. This was amusing at Puddle Ducks when he didn’t want to give back the little watering can we’d been playing with and had a deadlock grip on it. Thank goodness he didn’t cry when we eventually broke it free but I am guessing this could become an issue further down the line! I’m told by my mum that I used to do the same thing and it progressed at nursery to storing up toys on a pram and screaming if other kids came near and wanted something I had in the pram. 

My boy loves his food but when he’s hungry he needs it immediately or he very quickly becomes angry. This is definitely another typical mummy trait.

When the health visitor came she described him as ‘a boy who clearly knows exactly what he wants’ and ‘a good communicator’ as my husband and I already could tell her so much about him at such a young age. God help us!

All of this couldn’t be more me which is why I know we are in for a rollercoaster of a ride. I was a child that demanded a lot of attention and a teenager that drove my parents to the brink so we have all this to come.

On the plus side, I hope that my son will inherit my drive and ambition, excel at school and make friends easily. But on the flip side I do worry that he will also put too much pressure on himself, want to be in control of everything, have a short fuse and maybe be a little bossy and selfish (guilty). So we do have a task on our hands to let nurture take a role and to help our boy to take some of his Daddy’s best traits – his laid back outlook on life, the best sense of humour and his ability to be easily liked by everyone he meets.

But the stubbornness is unfortunately something I doubt we can do anything about!!

What personality traits did your babies show from an early age?


2 thoughts on “My independent baby”

  1. Totally agree! I’ve now got two kids – a 19m girl and 4 week old boy and they are so different. By this 4 week mark my daughter only napped for half an hour st a time, every 2 hours. She just didn’t want to miss out on anything and she’s turning into a bit of an extrovert.

    My son on the other hand, sleeps for England (except at 11pm, 2am and 4.30am lol!) and is quite happy sitting around chilling. Good job really or I don’t know how I’d manage! Looking forward to seeing how both personalities come through.

    Lovely to hear how your son takes after you! Sometimes it’s quite freaky to see mini versions of ourselves 🙂

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    1. That’s so funny how different yours both were so early on. I can’t believe people try to say newborns don’t have a personality!

      My boy looks just like his Daddy so it’s nice he got something from me too! Although poor thing might have been better off with his Dad’s chilled out personality and my looks haha. Will be interesting to see how he develops as we go but I think we have a headstrong little boy on our hands.


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