The day I started this blog

When my Mum suggested I wrote a blog about my experiences as a new Mummy I laughed it off. She’d been in fits of laughter at the time at one of my seemingly endless ‘funny’ tales of what my eight week old son had got up to that day and was of the belief that a blog would be highly entertaining for other readers.

I wasn’t really feeling amused at the time as we were going through a particularly challenging week. It wasn’t until today that I saw the funny side as we went on a wild goose chase to buy a second hand pram to take on an aeroplane with us (more to follow). On relating the story to my husband we were all in fits of laughter and I realised two things:

  1. You have to laugh in this Motherhood game if you’re going to survive
  2. I actually really love to write. It’s always been part of my job and this could be the sanctuary I’m looking for and the thing to get me through the long sleepless nights

So, here I am and my mission is to share my warts and all experience of being a new mum. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a moan or a rant, but hopefully just an honest recount of some of the ridiculous situations I’ve managed to get myself into and what I’ve learned along the way.

I don’t imagine that much of what I say will be news to many seasoned Mummies, but I know that as a first time Mum I have loved / become slightly obsessed with reading the musings of other Mums just to have that feeling of solidarity and it’s always nice to have something entertaining to read at 3am.

So, from the day that I got home from the supermarket to find I’d walked round all morning with poo streaked across my t-shirt, to the day that I ate a crispy cake off the floor (just because I was so devastated my son had knocked it out of my hands, I’d had 3 hours of sleep and I NEEDED the chocolate), hopefully this will entertain you. And in a worst case scenario, it will certainly keep my own Mum entertained!


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